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Day 7

27-07-2012 11:08 Maciej
18:00 Today's task is complete. There is no storm on the airfield. Tomorrow will be the last task. Farewell party starts tomorrow at 20.00. Prize giving ceremony is planing about 21.00. Everybody welcome! 16:20 Almost all standard class gliders home. Open class glider arrived. Just before the storm closing from the east

14.50 First gliders from  club-B class arrived home: D2, 30, FL from Ostrow team and few more. You can watch this live on video website

12:45 All gliders in the air! Only one competitor needs another towing. Start lines are open for all classes now.

We have flying day for task 6-10 today. All classes have the area taks. Take off at 11.15

Today we have 2,5-hours Assigned Areas Tasks. We expect first gliders at 15-15.30