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Day 6 - live video 16.00 (finals)

26-07-2012 12:15 Marek
19:00 All gliders home. We have new day winners: Bednarczuk, Czeladzki, Krok, Gulczyński 17:40 We are waiting only for 2 gliders information: J2 and YB 16:55 Most of gliders are on airfield now. Rain shower makes a lot of problems and a few gliders landed before airfield but it seems after finish ring. 14:10 MM, ZH landed on airfield without completed the task. First outlanding: 30

13:15 All gliders in the air. BW and ECC needed another towing. Speed tasks from 150 to 300 km long. We have quite good weather in contest area.

12:00 We have first starts today. See video live. The gliders are starting today in following order: standard, open, club A and club B classes.

10:00 Briefing. Grid time 11:00