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4th day - keep fighting - FIRST FINALS NOW!

24-07-2012 15:02 Paweł
18:30 The last one pilot from open class ECC (Adam Czeladzki) just arrived. The results from all classes are published (unnoficial). The winners seems to be: Kostermann, Levin, Harasta, Zapolski. Live video will be also available tommorow (briefing, starts and finals).


17:50 More open class gliedrs ten kilometers: ZB (Bednarczuk), KOS (Centka)

17:30 Most of gliders home. We have first results on soaringspot. First pilots are: Izydorczak, Vodicka and Lesinger. No results for open class yet (they are arriving right now - HD, MO, 29L...)

16:40 HL (Karol Skarżyński - Ostrow team, club-A)

16:25 First final glides now! Ten kilometers for: DC, BI, D2 (club-A), PC (Club-B)... You can watch this live on our website (on right)

Few pilots from Club B class e.g. L, AS, AB, BW came back on the airfield before the end of the task. Few gliders already outlanded.