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Day 3

23-07-2012 13:53 Paweł
16:56 Lot of gliders are arriving right now You can follow the tasks on our website, clicking "TASKS" You can check the results on our website or


16:45 More and more gliders arrive at the airfield e.g. BL, T, GM, LL, 30

16:30 Another gliders arrived - PC, L , HB

16:24 First glider - Astir AN arrived at the airfield. Astir KT landed 2km from the airfield.

We expect first gliders on our airfield at 16:00.

At 12:00 all gliders were in the air. The weather is brilliant.

Welcome to the 3rd day of the competition.Weather seems to be promising. Briefing will take place at 9:30, Grid Time is at 10:00.