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Day 2

22-07-2012 08:42 Paweł
16:50 We are waiting only for 3 gliders: JA, H20, 30 16:40 AS and AB (Ania i Michał, local team from Ostrow Aeroclub safetly in home) 16:20: Foka IP final glide. First outlanding Cobra J5.

16:15 Pirat J2, Junior L (club-B), FX (standard) on the ground

16:05 The next club-B class gliders are coming. Just arrived Pirat (T, ZH) and Junior L. It was more difficult for this gliders to complete today task. Also HB, 29L, FL, DC, BC are home safetly.

15:50 Most gliders landed on airfield are from club-A class which started first on grid today. We have also first gliders from open class and club-B class (PC)

15:35 Many gliders are on final glide right now.

14:20 According the improoving waether conditions and the tasks time first gliders came faster, about 15:00

13:15 All gliders in the air! The die has been cast... The waether looks nice. No one need to start twice. All pilots must fly from 1,5 to 2 hours Area Tasks. First gliders we expect about 16.00. Good luck!

11.50  Take Offs are planned at 12:00.

Briefing starts at 10:00, Grid Time at 11:00. Grid order: Club-A, Standard, Open, Club-B.

Yesterday was almost fully succesfull. Most of the gliders managed to fly the task. Outlandings dominated only in Club B class.

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