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Open 19 20
Standard 20 38
Club A 40 42
Club B 14 20

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No. Foto Name Country Glider Reg. no. Contest no. IGC RL Entry fee NAC
1 Centka Janusz POL ASG-29E SP-3769 KOS 46 yes yes Open
2 Geissler Christof GER Duo-Discus D-2903 AF 422 yes yes Open
3 Köstermann Oliver GER Arcus T D-KKMO MO 1365 yes yes Open
Hirvola Harri FIN Arcus T D-KUKA KA 33 yes no Open
5 Łuniewski Krzysztof POL ASG 29E d-ktkl 29l 67 yes no Open
6 Bednarczuk Zdzisław POL ASG-29E SP-3818 ZB 220 yes no Open
7 Frąckowiak Paweł POL LAK17BT LY-AWR 77 250 yes no Open
8 BIAŁY Marek POL LS6c-18w tbd IWI 262 yes no Open
9 Szumski Marek POL ASG29E D-KMHD HD 319 yes no Open
10 Ślęczkowski Robert POL Nimbus 3T/22,9 D-KHRG MR 382 yes no Open
11 Czyszewicz Krzysztof POL Lak17at-18m D-KEND SiS 1603 yes no Open
12 Marzec Paweł POL VENTUS 2ct D-KGMM MM 3978 yes no Open
13 Szylberg Roman POL Jantar 1 SP-2893 HB 4469 yes no Open
14 Chudoment Tomasz POL ASH26E D-KFMS I 2099 yes no Open
15 Dul Tomasz POL ASG29 E D-KTSC DT 280 yes no Open
16 Nowacki Bogdan POL ventus2CxM d-KBBN BN 1092 yes no Open
Śmielkiewicz Andrzej POL Ventus 2Cxt-18m D-KFAM A2 129 yes no Open
18 Chamera Marek POL LAK 17A LY-GMN MV 3888 yes no Open
19 Badaroux Jeremie FRA Duo Discus XLT F-CIDP EX 670 yes yes Open


No. Foto Name Country Glider Reg. no. Contest no. IGC RL Entry fee NAC
1 Levin Felipe GER Discus 2a D-4843 FL 29 yes yes Standard
2 Louda Jan CZE LS-8 OK-7007 JB 159 yes yes Standard
3 Novak Ivan CZE LS-8 OK-0818 FX 295 yes yes Standard
4 Biedermann Joanna POL Discus 2a D-2479 V 622 yes yes Standard
5 Nicolae Cosmin ROU Discus 2a YR-1030 YA 2082 yes yes Standard
6 Pop Alex Victor ROU Discus 2a YR-1031 YB n/a yes yes Standard
7 Lewczuk Michał POL LS-8 SP-3665 LOT 54 yes no Standard
8 Sorri Juha FIN Discus 2b OH-907 JS 170 yes no Standard
9 Hołyś Mirosław POL LS8a D-4282 MP 298 yes no Standard
10 Czeladzki Adam POL Discus 2ct/15 SP-3790 ECC 361 yes no Standard
11 Vainikka Juha FIN LS-8 OH-918 SF 483 yes no Standard
12 Scheffner Witold POL Lak-19t SP-3706 HM 774 yes no Standard
13 Czech Dariusz POL LAK 19 15m SP-3712 DC 1747 yes no Standard
14 Innocent Baptiste FRA Discus 2a F-CFDX CFM1 273 yes no Standard
15 Herbreder Marek POL SZD-55 Promyk SP-3693 TK 824 yes no Standard
16 Cousseau Christophe FRA Discus2a F-CFDS ET 39 yes no Standard
17 Liaugaudas Darius LTU LS8a LY-GOK HB 85 yes yes Standard
18 Godlewski Marek POL LS-8 SP-3792 MG 3584 yes no Standard
Kajoch Jaroslaw POL SZD 55-1 D-3749 TG 725 yes no Standard
20 Bartczak Przemysław POL LS-8a D-7718 T1 136 yes no Standard

Club A

No. Foto Name Country Glider Reg. no. Contest no. IGC RL Entry fee NAC
Lupas Ciprian ROU SZD 41A YR-1103 YE n/a yes yes Club A
2 Krok Tomasz POL Brawo SP-3335 BI 38 yes yes Club A
3 Lešinger Michal CZE ASW-19B OK-9988 LL 116 yes yes Club A
4 Błaszczyk Łukasz POL Jantar Std 3 SP-3673 BL 168 yes yes Club A
5 Ottosson Erik SWE LS 3a SE-UOT EO 512 yes yes Club A
6 Dobrila Florian ROU SZD 48-1 YR -1108 YD 2729 yes yes Club A
7 Skłodowski Jędrzej POL Jantar std2 sp-3152 DG 58 yes no Club A
8 Wojciechowski Paweł POL Brawo SP-3333 BZ 79 yes no Club A
Barszcz Jakub POL Jantar Std3 SP-3276 3P 219 yes yes Club A
10 Florkowski Łukasz POL Jantar std 2 SP- 3223 FL 225 yes no Club A
11 Czarnik Witold POL Jantar Std3 SP-3265 T7 411 yes no Club A
12 Puławski Jakub POL Jantar std 3 SP-3260 D2 434 yes no Club A
13 Ogonowski Andrzej POL LS4 D3448 OG 507 yes no Club A
14 Flis Jacek POL Jantar Std 2 SP-3690 OE 635 yes no Club A
Wojda Piotr POL Jantar Std. 3 SP-3174 B1 663 yes no Club A
Kliś Dariusz POL Jantar Std.2 SP-3172 LZ 1382 yes no Club A
17 Meller Zbigniew POL Jantar Std 3 SP-3447 LC 1443 yes no Club A
Precikowski Kuba POL Jantar Std 3 SP-3296 AF 1672 yes no Club A
Siodłoczek Mateusz POL Jantar std 2 SP-3170 MB 2219 yes no Club A
20 Skarżyński Karol POL Jantar std 3 SP-3445 HI 2369 yes no Club A
Mikołajczyk Jerzy POL Jantar std 2 SP 3686 MS 3062 yes no Club A
22 Sadowski Adam POL Jantar Std 2 SP-3212 B3 3452 yes no Club A
23 Adamski Maciej POL Jantar std 3 SP-3373 B 325 yes no Club A
Hercog Mirosław POL Jantar std2 SP-3185 LB 562 yes no Club A
25 Hagemann Lars GER Std. Cirrus D-7242 KR 278 yes yes Club A
26 Guérin Denis FRA LS-1 F-CEKF H20 44 yes no Club A
27 Izydorczak Mirosław POL StdLibelle H-201B G-DCMV 184 350 yes no Club A
Kochkin Vladimir RUS Jantar std 3 D-9326 DC 497 yes no Club A
29 Shalneva Nina RUS Jantar std 3 SP-3821 FX 833 yes no Club A
Szczerba Andrzej POL JANTAR STD-3 D-3767 SA 511 yes no Club A
31 Kaszczuk Agata POL Jantar std 3 SP-3382 DH 2117 yes no Club A
32 Krakowski Paweł POL Jantar std.2 Sp-3740 30 673 yes no Club A
Nowak Paweł POL Jantar std 3 SP-3267 A1 899 yes no Club A
34 Wrona Tadeusz POL Jantar Std. 2 SP-1608 SCH 901 yes no Club A
35 Vodicka Petr CZE LS-3 OK-0804 LY 334 yes yes Club A
Woźnicki Rafał POL ASW-20 SP-3785 R 3520 yes no Club A
37 Spałek Jan POL Jantar Std. 3 SP-3183 AI 1920 yes no Club A
38 Sobiecki Krzysztof POL Jantar std 3 SP-3228 BC 265 yes no Club A
39 Harasta Ivan CZE ASW-15b OK-1777 HI 728 yes no Club A
Sawczuk Marek POL Jantar std 3 SP-3757 PT 521 yes no Club A

Club B

No. Foto Name Country Glider Reg. no. Contest no. IGC RL Entry fee NAC
1 Zapolski Arkady POL Phoebus B PC 1289 yes no Club B
2 Pantuła Łukasz POL SZD 51-1 Junior SP-3421 KV 2356 yes no Club B
3 Ćwiękała Damian POL Cobra 15 SP-2925 J5 2367 yes no Club B
4 Ciepliński Marcin POL SZD-30 Pirat SP-3112 T 3990 yes no Club B
5 Florkowska Anna POL Junior SP-3427 AB 4021 yes no Club B
6 Migdałek Michał POL Junior SP-3460 AS 4191 yes no Club B
7 Neroj Bartłomiej POL SZD 32A Foka 5 SP-2622 IP 4288 yes no Club B
Borowiak Tomasz POL Junior / Pirat SP-3306 L 4405 yes no Club B
9 Kurpas Jakub POL Junior SP-3343 E 4501 yes no Club B
Szlachta Artur POL SZD-30 SP-2883 ZH 4528 yes no Club B
11 Jakób Maksymilian POL Junior SP-3349 BW n/a yes no Club B
12 Marszałek Sebastian POL PW-5 SP-3650 JK n/a yes no Club B
Jaźnicki Stanisław POL Astir CS Jeans KT 3995 yes no Club B
14 Gulczynski Norbert POL Astir CS 77 D-5679 AN 4705 yes no Club B