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The last task - FINALS NOW!!!

28-07-2012 14:23 Maciej
WARNINGS about the storm in our area. Please secure the gliders!All pilots: rememmber to give the loggers and send the files to scorers as soon as possible. 17:40 The last one glider came home: MV

16:50 Open class gliders on final glide.

16:30 After this many, many gliders on final glide now. All competitors after landing are very satisfied for today task. Live video can be watch all the time.

16:20 First glider from standard class FL.

16:15 First gliders ten kilometers: 30, OG, KT, B, DC, TX (club-A clas), L (club-B).

16:00 Club class gliders (PZ, AN) are flying just before the last turning point (only 38 km from us). They need only one good thermal to do finish glide. If you want to see the finals please hurry up or turn the video web-site on!


15:55 Pirat HZ landed on the airfield without completed the task.

15:50 No informations about outlandings. All competitors are fighting! The waether looks nice, clouds base is about 1800 m high.


All gliders teke off for the last taks in Ostrow Glide competition. We expect first gliders 16:00 hours. Task are from 211 km (club-B), 248 km (club-A) to 304 km (standard) and almost 350 km (open) long.