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30-07-2012 13:16 Maciej

Prize giving ceremony video and photo gallery

You can watch video for last day of Ostrow Glide 2012. All videos are on our website or You can also find some photos here.

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29-07-2012 20:46 Maciej

Ostrów Glide 2012 is finished!

XXI Krajowe Zawody Szybowcowe o Puchar Prezydenta Miasta Ostrowa Wielkopolskiego dobiegły końca. W sobotę rozegrano ostatnią z 7 konkurencji. W tym roku pogoda nad Ostrowem i całym regionem dopisała i zawody zakończyły się z tylko jednym dniem nielotnym.

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28-07-2012 20:22 Maciej

Ending the competition

Our competition is over now. Everybody welcome at the farewell party starting now. Prize giving ceremony is planning at 21.00 hours. You can check the reaults now. The winners are: Krzysztof Łuniewski (POL) - Open class, Felipe Levin (GER) - Standard class, Łukasz Błaszczyk (POL-Ostrow team) Club-A class, Arkady Zapolski (POL)  - Club-B class. Congratulations!

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28-07-2012 14:23 Maciej

The last task - FINALS NOW!!!

WARNINGS about the storm in our area. Please secure the gliders!
All pilots: rememmber to give the loggers and send the files to scorers as soon as possible.

17:40 The last one glider came home: MV

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27-07-2012 11:08 Maciej

Day 7

18:00 Today's task is complete. There is no storm on the airfield. Tomorrow will be the last task. Farewell party starts tomorrow at 20.00. Prize giving ceremony is planing about 21.00. Everybody welcome!

16:20 Almost all standard class gliders home. Open class glider arrived. Just before the storm closing from the east

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26-07-2012 12:15 Marek

Day 6 - live video 16.00 (finals)

19:00 All gliders home. We have new day winners: Bednarczuk, Czeladzki, Krok, Gulczyński

17:40 We are waiting only for 2 gliders information: J2 and YB

16:55 Most of gliders are on airfield now. Rain shower makes a lot of problems and a few gliders landed before airfield but it seems after finish ring.

14:10 MM, ZH landed on airfield without completed the task. First outlanding: 30

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25-07-2012 10:41 Paweł

Day 5

13:10 No tasks for today :-((

12:25 Take offs postponed until 13:30.

11:25 Take offs postponed until 12:30

Briefing took place at 10:00, Grid Time is set at 11:00. Weather isn't very good, we have cirrus clouds coming from the south, but everybody are optimistic.


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24-07-2012 20:26 Maciej

Sunset for day 4

We have sunset day 4 now. It was long and warm day in Ostrow. We have new daily winners and next taks tommorow. Have a nice evening! Live video starts 10.00 from briefing time.

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24-07-2012 15:02 Paweł

4th day - keep fighting - FIRST FINALS NOW!

18:30 The last one pilot from open class ECC (Adam Czeladzki) just arrived. The results from all classes are published (unnoficial). The winners seems to be: Kostermann, Levin, Harasta, Zapolski. Live video will be also available tommorow (briefing, starts and finals).

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24-07-2012 08:32 Paweł

Day 4

Welcome to the 4th day of our competition. Briefing will take place at 10:00, Grid Time is set at 10:30

Today we expect sunny weather with no clouds. You can send your tasks to OLC system as some pilot did yesterday.


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23-07-2012 20:31 Maciej


Video from the contest will be published on our website video. You can also check some films from reporter on youtube

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23-07-2012 19:04 Maciej

More than 600 km task !

Beautiful tasks in Ostrow Glide today. More than 600, 500, 400, 300 km respectively for each class completed succesfully today. Only three gliders outlanded. It was nice, long day. The clouds were quite high and only small blue thermal spaces in the afternoon. You can check the results.

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23-07-2012 13:53 Paweł

Day 3

16:56 Lot of gliders are arriving right now

You can follow the tasks on our website, clicking "TASKS"

You can check the results on our website or

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22-07-2012 16:33 Maciej

Kpt Tadeusz Wrona finished task 2 succesfully

Tadeusz comments this task as optimal choice for this weather. There were some problems with the dark clouds close to the 1 turning point but his is quite satisfy for the flight. His flying holidays in Ostrow will be nice until next sunday in his opinion.

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22-07-2012 08:42 Paweł

Day 2

16:50 We are waiting only for 3 gliders: JA, H20, 30

16:40 AS and AB (Ania i Michał, local team from Ostrow Aeroclub safetly in home)

16:20: Foka IP final glide. First outlanding Cobra J5.

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21-07-2012 22:55 Maciej

Photos for today

You can find some photos for Day 1 at (facebook) and also and

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21-07-2012 22:51 Maciej

Day 1 winners

According to unoficial results today winners are:

Open class: Marek Szumski (POL) 114.5km/h

Standard class: Baptiste Innocent (FRA) 119.1km/h

Club-A class: Jedrzej Skłodowski (POL) 101.5km/h

Club-B class: Arkady Zapolski (POL) 65.8 km/h

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21-07-2012 16:02 Maciej

Finals glide

18:50 We have published first unnoficial (not complete) resaults. See this page or soaringspot.

16:55 Open class gliders ten kilometers

16:40 We have 56 gliders completed the task and 9 landed outside

16:05 and more, and more glider...

15:55 Filrst gliders from standard class on finish: CFM1, HB

and club-A: DG

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21-07-2012 14:55 Maciej

Next outlandings

HL, AS, DH, TK landed outside.

"Junior" BW landed already at airfield but before completed the task.

15:40 Next gliders (club-b class): L (Raszków), J5, KV

15:50 HB on the airfield.


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21-07-2012 13:38 Maciej

Task 1

All pilots fly the task 1 already. The last pilot started about 13.00. We have 10 towing airplanes and they launched all classes in less then 1,5 hour. The weather looks fine at this momment. The tasks are about 260 km (Club-B class) to 405 km long (Open class). We expect first pilots at 16.00 coming back home.

We have first outlanding - glider "Pirat" J2 (close to the airfield).

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